Catalan cuisine – 5 delights on the menu!

It’s never easy to write postcards, but it’s even more difficult here. First, you have to choose the card… That may not be so difficult, but it will certainly whet your appetite! Among all those holiday photos you will come across all these Catalan specialities… So, let’s spin the postcard rack and let ourselves be inspired by the recipe!

1. Whip up some allioli!

Lovers of the Mediterranean lifestyle will choose allioli. Steamed vegetables, whelks, cod… and allioli, the southern mayonnaise made of garlic and olive oil. The first ten minutes are crucial for a successful allioli, when the oil comes in contact with the egg and garlic… Much later, when the mixture has solidified, you add lemon to smooth the sauce and bring it even more freshness!

2. Catalan sauce in all its glory.

Choose a Catalan sauce recipe to accompany prawns or grilled meat! Sauté the garlic and onion in a little oil, redden the peppers in the oven… Add bay leaf, parsley, salt and a pinch of Espelette pepper before blending in a mixer.

3. Get friendly with a bunch of vegetables…

Have you heard of escalivada? It’s a vegetable dish that can be enjoyed hot or cold. With aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, onions, this mixture of southern vegetables cut into strips wonderfully accompanies fish and meat dishes.

4. Charcuterie…

You have to admit that Catalonia knows a thing or two about charcuterie! Why not prepare a picnic or an aperitif? All you need to do is choose between the dolça from Girona, the secallona, llongnissa, fuet, sobrasada or botiffarres!

5. Taste the crème de la crème

For dessert, choose a crème catalane, a distant cousin of crème brulée in which milk replaces cream to make a lighter treat!


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